Hrithik excited to hear from Dharam!


Mumbai, July 11 -- Since his brain surgery, Hrithik Roshan has been visited by a host of celebrities. But on Tuesday morning, he was in for a sweet surprise when veteran actor Dharmendra personally called him from the US (where the Deol family has gone for a wedding). And Hrithik, who is a die-hard fan of the actor, was over the moon with the "sweet and warm gesture".

"Dharamji called Hrithik at around 9 am. And it was one of the first calls Hrithik took from the hospital as he wasn't allowed to use his mobile phone immediately after his surgery. So it was a happy co-incidence that a few minutes after he was handed over his phone, Dharamji called up," says an insider. "When Hrithik was 9, he had a huge Dharmendra poster in his wardrobe. He has also been impressed with the yesteryear star's warm nature and fit physique," adds the insider.

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