Deepika Padukone eats like an elephant: Shah Rukh Khan



Actor Shah Rukh Khan recently said that his Chennai Express co-star Deepika Padukone has a huge appetite. Shah Rukh, Deepika and director Rohit Shetty visited the sets of Colors’s show, Comedy Nights with Kapil recently to promote their movie, and there comedian Kapil asked Deepika’s
fitness secret. Deepika instantly turned to SRK, and asked, “You asked him to ask me this, didn’t you?” Shah Rukh denied having planted the question, but told the audience about Deepika’s diet.

SRK referred to her elephant’s appetite and said that she eats every two hours. “When we were shooting in the mountains somewhere, all we could eat were biscuits and tea because Deepika ate all our food on the journey! She doesn’t restrain herself from eating, she ate everybody’s food on the set,” quipped SRK.

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