Shahid-Vishal Bhardwaj: Burying the hatchet!


Mumbai, July 4 -- They last teamed up for the critically acclaimed Kaminey in 2009. Soon after, reports of a rift between Shahid Kapoor and filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj did the rounds. Apparently, they had a major tiff (and reportedly even came close to blows) and weren't on talking terms for quite a while. But now, the news is that the two are set to work together again for a film starting around October.

"They will start work on their next film towards the end of 2013. Shahid and Bhardwaj are still in discussion over two scripts - Kaminey 2 and a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. They will start work on whichever script works out first. Bhardwaj is keen on the latter, but we don't know which one will make the cut," says an industry insider. "They have met quite a few times to discuss the story and o