Irrfan Khan was apprehensive about D-Day


Actor Irrfan Khan, who will be seen in action-spy-thriller, D Day, was apprehensive about taking up Nikhil Advani's project initially. "I was impressed with the kind of script he had written but I was trying to understand whether he will make the same thing or will he change it during the
making. Sometimes people for the sake of story telling sacrifice the detailing of the character from the story. I was a little concerned about it. I was not sure if he will make what he had written on paper," he said.

Advani wanted international standard action for his high octane thriller, D Day. One of the top most American action directors Tom Struthers, who co-coordinated the action scenes in Blood Diamond, Inception, The Dark Knight and others was roped in by Advani for D Day.

Irrfan was not sure if Nikhil would be roping in Ho