My heart goes out to the flood victims: Farhan Akhtar


He may be neck deep in promoting his upcoming film, but actor Farhan Akhtar can’t stop himself from grabbing the TV remote at every possible opportunity to check on the status of rescue efforts in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand.

Chatting with us in his hotel room in Delhi, Akhtar’s pain at seeing the devastation caused by the natural calamity is all too evident.

“This is terrible,” he says, shaking his head. “My heart goes out to the victims ... I believe the death toll is much higher than what’s been declared yet,” he says.

We ask him if his sympathy would be limited to tweeting helpline numbers like a lot of his other Bollywood friends, and he stiffens up. “I’d be dishonest if I claim that I have done anything concrete yet. I’ve been totally occ