Kiran wants a discussion!


Mumbai, June 15 -- This might be the first time that a Bollywood film is trying to reach out in this way - by inviting groups of people from various professions for a group discussion.

We've been informed that producer Kiran Rao and director Anand Gandhi plan to organise a presentation of their upcoming film, Ship Of Theseus, for doctors, architects, photographers, physicists, painters, philosophers and psychologists. The two will then engage in discussing the central theme of the film.

"Kiran sees this as an opportunity to introduce the film to a new audience that may not watch Bollywood films regularly. These sessions will help increase the ground awareness about the film," says a source close to Kiran, adding that the filmmaker believes that indie films like Ship Of Theseus rely a lot on word of mouth and innovative marketing as they are always starved for budgets.

"While the movie alr