Movie Preview: Pranali

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

This is the story of a girl born in a small village on the border of Karnataka & Maharashtra. A girl, whose childhood is yet untouched and full of pure innocence but she still falls prey to one of the unconventional and downtrodden systems of our society; a stigma of being a 'Devdasi'.

Gradually, as time passes by, she inadvertently becomes an object of desire - The one with whom the so-called highly respected and well-known people of the society could suffice their hunger for lust.

One day, her destiny takes a much-awaited turn, when she decides to give birth to a new life, which in turn gives her hope and adds zest to her life. This further redefines her morbid life with a new meaning, liberating her off all the shackles. She commits herself that she will fight all odds to educate her child and do everything possible that could make way for her child to lead a normal and best life. But the very fact, was not so easy to di