Sanjay misses final trailer!


Mumbai, June 1 -- Sanjay Dutt wasn't able to watch the final trailer of his next release, Policegiri, as he started his jail term on May 16. However, the makers of the movie have kept the actor in the loop about how the final trailer has turned out.

"I can't meet Sanjay as only members of his immediate family are allowed to do that. However, he is posted with all the updates. I have been writing letters to him," says Rahul Aggarwal, the producer of the film.

The actor had seen the rough teaser before starting his sentence. "I had also shown him a long and unpolished version before he entered the jail. He hasn't seen the final trailer which has just come out (on May 28)," says Rahul.

The producer is undecided about which project he will start with after the release of Policegiri, as his other planned projects were with Sanjay. "I have signed him for other films