Aman Trikha: 'I'm glad I've been accepted with open arms'




PAST RELEASES: 'Go go govinda' (OMG - Oh My God!, 2012) 'Po po' (Son of Sardaar, 2012) 'Hookah bar' (Khiladi 786, 2012)

ON JOURNEY SO FAR: "The journey was never going to be easy, especially when you don't have anyone from your family in the industry or a godfather to push you through. But, I'm glad I've been accepted with open arms and all my songs have been loved by the masses and critics alike. I owe all my success to Himesh Reshammiya ji."

ON HIS USP: "Versatility in understanding musical genres, assessing the songs' demand and adapting to the nuances of the melody, and experimenting with the lyrics and melodies across languages."

ON HIS UPCOMING PROJECTS: "I have given my voice to the title track of Shortcut Romeo. It has a very urban and earthy flavour to it. I am also working on the title track of Policegiri."

Box Office Results

  1. Badlapur INR 24 cr.
  2. Roy INR 41.7 cr.
  3. Shamitabh INR 21.94 cr.
  4. Hawaizaada INR 3.4 cr.
  5. Baby INR 92 cr.

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