Bipasha: Look who's getting fitter


Mumbai, May 10 -- Bipasha Basu, who is known to be a fitness freak, has always maintained a well-toned physique. Yet, the actor, for her next film, has taken up a new diet regime to fit in perfectly in the character she is playing. "I will start shooting for my thriller, Creature, from June and my character needs a particular kind of body. I have to be much leaner and toned," says Bipasha.

The actor says that she prefers a proper diet to protein supplements. She shares her diet chart saying, "I get all the required nutrition from food, without using any supplements. When I wake up, I have a wheat grass shot. After that, I take five presoaked almonds. Breakfast is mainly eggs and oats. I'm eating healthier foods like stir-fried vegetables, spinach, chicken soup, grilled mushrooms or fish and eggs prepared in all forms. I mix green veggies with meat, and instead of six small meals, I eat eight to boost my metabolism."

So how does Bipasha deal with cravings? "When my body craves sugar, I eat an apple. It's a quick fix. However, when I eat wrong, my trick is never to feel guilty, but just burn it through workouts. I love desserts, but now I'm not having any sweets for a month," says Bipasha.


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