Varun Dhawan: 'I am still called the Disco Deewane boy'


Mumbai, April 24 -- Varun Dhawan, who turns 26 today, is excited about his birthday. It's his first after turning an actor. "I've been getting a lot more greetings than I would otherwise," he explains.

The actor, who's currently on a trip with his friend around Maharashtra's coastal region, plans to party hard in Goa - the last stop of his trip.

He says, "I've wanted to take this trip for a while. It's sort of a preparation for my character in my next film, and also a good holiday. My friend and I have taken a train journey with several stops on the way, where we've stayed in lodges."

Varun, who shares his birthday with cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, had plans of watching the cricketer play in the T20 t