Sanjay's work-from-home plan!



Mumbai, April 19 -- On Wednesday, Sanjay Dutt was granted a four-week extension by the Supreme Court to complete his on-going films. Since then, there have been speculations and rumours in the industry about what his plan of action will be. And if sources are to be believed, Sanjay has already chalked out his schedule.

A source reveals, "He still has to shoot for Policegiri and then there's some dubbing left for the Zanjeer remake too. Besides, he has a large portion to shoot for Unglee, including a song and a few scenes. Apoorva Lakhia, his Zanjeer director suggested that he dub from home. So his team has set up a dubbing studio at his place as that way he will save some time."

Meanwhile, the source adds that some religious ceremonies are taking place at Sanjay's house. "He believes in God and the power of prayers. Some pujas are being conducted at his home with the entire family participating," the source says.

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  5. Baby INR 92 cr.

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