Priyanka Chopra calls Uday for help


Priyanka Chopra faced a lot of social pressure recently when her assistant was found dead in a hotel room in the US.

According to her team, the Bollywood actress arranged for the assistant Jiban Patra's body getting back to India but has now reportedly sought Uday Chopra's help to get out of the controversy.

What happened
Recently, Priyanka Chopra was on tour of the US and Canada. After the US leg of the tour was over, the rest of the entourage moved to Canada but Jiban Patra, who failed to get the Canadian visa, was forced to stay back in Los Angeles.

On April 7, 41-year-old Jiban was found dead in his Beverly Hills hotel room. But ever since his corpse was uncovered, it has been languishing at the mortuary.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Priyanka called Uday up and told him about the problem since she was already back in India. The tab