Hrithik Roshan’s family fitness plan


Being members of fitness freak Hrithik Roshan’s family comes with its own set of responsibilities. The Bollywood actor, who spends hours at the gym every day, has now roped in his trainer’s wife, Marika Johansson, to assist his mother and sister — Pinky and Sunaina Roshan — with their workout

Ask Sunaina about this upgrade in her regular regimen and she says, “Marika has put mom and me on a strict diet. She has also been making us work out extensively. Hrithik takes active interest in our exercise sessions.”

The older sister reveals that even when the actor is unwell, he doesn’t miss his workouts.

“Mom and I are getting a lot more involved with our fitness now and we can already feel the results. Marika has been making us do various types of fun exercises and she has created a