Bollywood's big question: to remake or not to remake?


Poor box office response to Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala, a remake of the 1983 hit film, has made the industry sit up and think about what awaits the other remakes that are lined up for release later this year. The big debate is whether it’s a profitable idea to remake a cult film at all, given the huge fan following of the original and the big expectations from the reboot.

Veterans and senior actors, along with trade experts, are of the view that classics should remain untouched. The younger generation, on the other hand, feels there is no harm in presenting old wine in a new bottle.

“To create remakes has become a shortcut instead of finding newer ideas and working hard,” says 56-year-old Deepti Naval, whose 1981 blockbuster Chasme Baddoor has been re-cr