Hrithik Roshan to have triple roles in Krrish 3?



Hrithik Roshan's sequel to his superhero franchise Krrish has been in the news for a while now. The actor claims it to be his most ambitious project till date.

It is now being reported that Hrithik Roshan will play triple roles in the sequel Krrishh 3. An English daily quoted Hrithik's father and director of Krrish Rakesh Roshan as saying, "He (Hrithik) is playing Rohit the father and he also plays Krishna and Krrish. Yup, when he is the simpleton, he's Krishna and when he's the superman, he is Krrish."

Krrish 3, the most ambitious project of Hrithik's career, is in the post-production stage and the actor is only extremely excited.

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