JP Dutta to make Border 2, Border 3 and Border 4


Moghul J.P. Dutta, whose last directorial venture was 2006 release Umrao Jaan, is all set to direct three back-to-back war films, all biopics on Param Vir Chakra winning war heroes. The first war epic Border 2 will be set in the 1962 India-China war and would tell the story of Subedar
Joginder Singh Sahnan who led a platoon against the Chinese aggressors.

Next will be Border 3, to be located in the 1965 India-Pak war and would focus on the valorous efforts of Abdul Hamid who went down fighting the enemy soldiers.

Then there is Border 4, which would focus on Second-Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal, who died fighting during the 1971 Bangladesh war.

Dutta, who has just returned from an extensive recce of the border areas where the three films would be shot, says he was deeply moved and im