Critical Ra.One animator seeks help from Shah Rukh Khan

By Hindustan Times

Remember young Ra.One animator Charu Khandal, who was hit by a car last year? Khandal is still not perfectly fine and is paralysed. Buzz is that she is trying to seek Shah Rukh Khan's production house for financial help, reports Mumbai Mirror. Last Year on March 28, Shah Rukh Khan promised Charu to help her with money. Ritu Khandal, Charu's sister told the daily: "My dad, a private tutor in Rajasthan, is the sole bread-winner of the family. He had to take a loan of Rs. 12 lakh for Charu's treatment. After Shah Rukh Khan spoke to the hospital authorities, Charu was given VIP treatment. SRK had promised to take care of the finances and his company did pay around Rs. 8-10 lakh initally. But since then, we have been trying to reach him, but no one puts us thro