Who's trying to create a rift between Shah Rukh and the Roshans?

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Reports flooding the electronic media that Shah Rukh Khan is extremely upset with the Roshans refuse to upset the Roshans.

Laughs Rakesh Roshan, "We know what the truth is. In fact, I met Shah Rukh at an awards function the other day. We both laughed over these reports. Maybe a section of the media thinks it knows better. But Shah Rukh, Hrithik and I are above these attempts to create a rift between us. The fact of the matter is, it was Hrithik's idea to approach Shah Rukh for the dance number. Why would he suddenly feel threatened by Shah Rukh?"

Rakesh Roshan will say no more on this subject. But a source very close to the Ros