Ajay Devgan: 'Action adds spice to films'

By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, March 5 -- Action sequences have always been the most talked about in your films. What's the difference between action and stunts?

There is a thin line between a 'stunt' film and an 'action' film. You cannot draw people with a stunt film. An action film is what attracts the audience. It involves songs, drama, story and then a bit of action as well. The concept evolved during the mid-'90s and is quite popular now. I have been doing a lot of action films. I think it spices up the film a little more.

Do critics bother you?

Healthy criticism is fine and also important for growth. But the fact remains that there is no better critic than the audience. Their overall judgement is vital. For me, box-office reports matter the most. The collections reflect the