Bipasha Basu is haunted

By Hindustan Times

Apart from having starred in supernatural thrillers like Rakht (2004), Raaz (2002) and Raaz 3D (2012), Bipasha Basu has most recently acted in Aatma. Yet, she insists that she gets frightened quite easily. Now, in an attempt to overcome her fears, Bipasha plans on visiting Aarey Milk Colony — the
area situated in Goregaon (East) is considered to be one of the most-haunted places in Mumbai. “Initially, Bipasha and the director of Aatma (Suparn Varma) were set to visit Mukesh Mills in Colaba, which is also believed to be haunted. But due to some unknown reasons, they weren’t granted permission to do so. So they decided to visit Aarey Milk Colony instead. Suparn plans to record their trip,” says an insider close to the actor. Meanwhile, Bipasha is hoping her adventure will help her deal with her fears. “A few eerie instances occurred while we were shooting also. I am obviously a bit scared, but