Jack Nicholson flirts with Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars

By Hindustan Times

Jack Nicholson didn't let a half-century of age difference stop him from hitting on Jennifer Lawrence backstage at the Oscars. The 22-year-old was discussing her Best Actress win with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Sunday night when the As Good as It Gets actor lunged into the TV interview
to make a move.

You've got a fan here, the Good Morning America host told Lawrence, as the shocked actress gasped and covered her mouth.

"You did such a beautiful job. I don't mean to crash your interview, but I wanted to congratulate you," Nicholson said.

Lawrence, who'd just won for her turn in the David O. Russell film Silver Linings Playbook, was game to engage in some playful repartee.

"You're being really rude," she told him in jes