Boman Irani's role inspired by Ram Jethmalani in Jolly LLB

By Hindustan Times

Boman Irani, who has proved his mettle as a versatile actor, will now play a character that closely resembles veteran lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani in Subhash Kapoor's Jolly LLB. "The film is about an incident in which a rich man's son is involved. My character is somewhat like Ram
Jethmalani, the best lawyer India has. It's quite an intense role," says Boman.

Jolly LLB is a sarcastic take on court cases in the country. "It's a take on the judicial system. The film also depicts a certain amount of realism, which is so bizarre that you are going to laugh watching it," says Boman. He adds, "I get excited by a good story and the director. Even though I don't play the main role in the film, I was drawn to