What’s in a name? Lots, says Ghaziabad

By Hindustan Times

The Sanjay Dutt-starrer political-action thriller, Zila Ghaziabad, which released yesterday, is facing severe criticism from residents of the district in UP, for portraying the place as a hub of criminal activity.

Model Krishna Somani, who stays in Indirapuram, a residential area there, says that it is unfair to pinpoint Ghaziabad as an unsafe place. “I agree that Ghaziabad was the crime capital at one point of time, but things have improved a lot. I have never faced any problem here. Also, why should we talk only about Ghaziabad, it could be Zila Dilli. Is Delhi safe?” asks Somani.

“I have seen the promos of this cops-vs-robbers film and it seems that Ghaziabad is shown as a place of violent gangwars. But being a resident of the place, I can vouch that this portrayal is incorrect. This is just not done