Despite high fever Karan Johar completes short film

By Hindustan Times

He might be a celebrated filmmaker and hardcore professional, but Karan Johar was also an extremely worried man a few days ago. The director, who is making a short film that will be part of the documentary commemorating 100 years of Indian cinema, fell ill while shooting it and then spent a
sleepless night worrying if it would impact the budget.

“Karan was running a high temperature. Plus, he was throwing up. So he took a day off. But the next day, he was back on the sets and shooting continuously for three reasons — deadline, budget and the stars’ dates,” says an insider close to him.

All the filmmakers (Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar and Karan) had to submit their short films by a particular deadline. “Plus, Karan was also