Movie Preview: Tashan

By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Character Sketches:

Bachchan Pande (Akshay Kumar)

NAME: Bachchan Pande

AGE: 30 as per police records, 25 as per Chachi, 26 as per Omprakash, I think 28

MARITAL STATUS: Don't understand question

QUALIFICATIONS: Can steal electricity anywhere, Can break all bones of body with guarantee

WORK EXPERIENCE: Fully experienced

ACHIEVEMENTS: Recovered everything from a cow to a bungalow

AIM: Become killer

Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan)

NAME: Jimmy Cliff (Jeetender Kumar Makhwana P.S. Keep it confidential)

AGE: Depends on the age of the girl across the table

MARITAL STATUS: Not interested but always available

QUALIFICATIONS: Qualified enough to fix any girl in record time and ya of course, graduate

WORK EXPERIENCE: In the past two years working in a call center and coaching English

ACHIEVEMENTS: Highest number of girlfriends from class 5 to graduation