Anupama Chopra's review: Inkaar

By Hindustan Times

Direction: Sudhir Mishra
Actors: Arjun Rampal, Chitrangda Singh, Vipin Sharma
Rating: **1/2

Sixty-three years ago, in the classic Rashomon, director Akira Kurosawa showed us that truth is slippery, subjective and ultimately unknowable. In Inkaar, writer-director Sudhir Mishra attempts a similar take on sexual politics in the workplace.

Two attractive, ambitious individuals work in an ad agency – Maya (played by Chitrangda Singh) and Rahul (played by Arjun Rampal). An incident takes place. We get two takes on the same story. He says it was harmless flirtation. She accuses him of sexual harassment.

It’s an intriguing premise and Mishra sets it up well. The plot of the film plays out over three days, days during which a committee presided over by a social worker (played by Deepti Naval) examines Maya’s allegation