Heights of fan following: star named after Sidharth Malhotra

By Hindustan Times

He made a promising debut in Student Of The Year (SOTY) and in the process, Sidharth Malhotra seems to have made loads of fans. The young actor recently received a celestial gift from one of his fans in London. A psychology student named Reshma has got a star registered in the actor’s

“It’s a very sweet thing to do. She got the star named after me and also sent me the certificate. In fact, the certificate has the star’s coordinates too, so if I ever want to see the star, I can take out a telescope and do it. She also sent me a long letter saying how much she loved SOTY,” says Sidharth.

Reshma also sent Sidharth a picture of her blanket that has several photos of him. “Later, I remembered th