Anupama Chopra's review: Table No. 21

By Hindustan Times

Table No. 21
Direction: Aditya Datt
Actors: Rajeev Khandelwal, Paresh Rawal, Tena Desae
Rating: **

Table No. 21 is the sort of determinedly silly movie that can make fine actors like Paresh Rawal and Rajeev Khandelwal look foolish.

Echoing films as diverse as Oldboy and Slumdog Millionaire, director Aditya Datt creates a reality game show-revenge saga that gathers some steam in the last act, but by then it’s too little, too late. Anyway, the climax followed by sombre facts is well-intentioned but feels entirely unearned.

Khandelwal and Tena Desae play a young married couple, Vivaan and Siya, who win a vacation in Fiji in a contest. There, they are drawn into a deadly game called Table No. 21, by a stranger — a Mr Khan, played by Paresh Rawal — who, for reasons never explained, w