Starry night in the Bigg Boss house

By Hindustan Times

The day in the house begins with Rajev cribbing about no milk and breakfast due to the Luxury budget task. Soon, Bigg Boss sends in more clothes for the housemates to win back the amenities in the house. Karishma soon brings in a platefull of raw maggi offering it to everyone in the house. Sapna sees that Karishma did not offer the same to her and feels that Karishma has let her friendship down. Just then Niketan starts backing Karishma up and Sapna snaps at both of them and says that she cannot trust Karishma anymore.

Karishma soon makes up with Sapna by giving her a jar of coffee and tells her that she is really fond of Sapna and does not want to ruin her friendship for anything. Sapna forgives her too and the two hug and make up.

As Sapna and Karishma smile at each other, another fight between Niketan and Imam erupts in the garden area. The tw