I have other friends than just Salman: Bipasha Basu

By Hindustan Times

Bipasha Basu on her equation with the star, her fitness DVD and a celebrity cricket tournament.

The buzz is that you have become close to Salman of late.
These reports are ridiculous. I don’t know what to say. Salman is a friend and I have a lot of other friends too but naturally, you guys (the media) talk more about Salman because my other friends aren’t so popular (laughs).

Salman is launching your fitness DVD on Bigg Boss.Is that true?
Actually, Salman and I are launching it together on Bigg Boss. The idea is to reach out to maximum people at the grass roots level. I thought the show would be the best platform. And who better to launch it than the fitness icon, who made being fit into business, Salman Khan. He brought in the concept when no one