Salman Khan to move out of Galaxy Apartments, feels uncomfortable

By Hindustan Times

Almost every Bollywood actor who makes a name for himself lives in a plush bungalow or at least a swanky apartment in Mumbai. All this while, superstar Salman Khan has been an exception to this rule. Salman has always lived with his family in his childhood home at Galaxy Apartments on Bandstand, Bandra. And were it not for the fans always waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the star, the modest Galaxy does not even come across as a Bollywood actor's residence.

But now, all that is set to change as the 46-year-old actor is set to move out of Galaxy in a year's time. "I have stayed here for as long as I could. Now I may stay here only for another year. We have a property, which we are constructing; that'