Tom Hanks: 'I get nervous before my film's release'


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 26 -- An online statistic reveals that Tom Hanks is the highest all-time box office star in the world. It's difficult then, to imagine that the actor, who started his career back in 1980, still gets jittery before his films release.

But as his latest one, Cloud Atlas, hits theatres today, he reveals, "I feel nervous and pressured before my films release. I hope people enjoy this one."

He also talks about connecting with audiences, Bollywood and more. The credit goes to the entire team and to the directors, Lana & Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer for the fact that they could transform a book that the writer thought was unfilmable into this huge magnificent project.

Box Office Results

  1. P.K. INR 198 cr.
  2. Action Jackson INR 53 cr.
  3. Ungli INR 19 cr.
  4. Happy Ending INR 20 cr.
  5. Kill Dil INR 30 cr.

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