Priyanka Chopra pays tribute to Yash Chopra

By Hindustan Times

She’s never been a Yash Chopra heroine, and now she never will be. But in a tribute to the late filmmaker, Priyanka Chopra will be dancing to his hit songs in a special act at the People’s Choice Awards this weekend. “Initially, Priyanka had planned an act based on her last movie, Barfi!,” says
choreographer Geeta Kapoor. “We changed the idea at the last minute. This was her only chance to play his heroine.”

The act consists of an audio-visual spanning Yash Chopra’s career, with Priyanka dancing to a song from each phase of his life. “It is a challenge for me to tell the tale of a legend in a few minutes,” adds Geeta.

When Yash Chopra passed away, Priyanka had tweeted, “I didn’t even work with him never really spent too much time either but whatever lil I did his hear