Chopra's last film, a gift from a son to his father!

By Hindustan Times

Jab Tak Hain Jaan was Aditya Chopra's gift to his father, said Yash Chopra at his 80th birthday celebrations on September 27 at Yash Raj Studios. Titled In Conversation With Yash Chopra, the event was hosted by Chopra's favourite leading men, Shah Rukh Khan, who stars in movie. News of
his return as a director spread like wildfire in the industry mid last year. While Yash Chopra only revealed his star cast, he chose to keep mum about the title of the film until recently. Though, he tentatively titled the film, 'A Yash Chopra Romance.' It was recently that the name, Jab Tak Hai Jaan was announced, and the public was thrilled at listening to poetic verses in the film, which were penned down by Chopra himself. When Chopra announced his retirement, he said, "Bahut ho gaya