DADDY STRONGEST: Family first for Shah Rukh!

By Hindustan Times

On October 8, Shah Rukh Khan apparently took a day off from the hectic shooting schedule of Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express to spend time with his daughter, Suhana. Since it was his wife Gauri’s birthday on October 8 and she was in London with their son, Aryan, the actor didn’t want the little one
to be left alone at home. “The entire cast and crew got a day’s break thanks to SRK. He knew taking a few hours off in the middle of a shoot would not be feasible, which is why he just asked for the entire day,” says an insider.

The actor even posted a message on Twitter saying, “Watching a horror film with daughter...she isnt scared...i am scared for her...or am I just scared myself?? Either way...scared!! (sic)” For the last few weeks, the actor has been juggling Shetty’s film with the pr