No sequel plans for Barfi: Anurag Basu

By Hindustan Times

The Barfi character played to pitch-perfection by Ranbir Kapoor, patented, popularized and now globalized by its producers UTV and director Anurag Basu, will now have a life outside the movies. While Anurag doggedly refuses any suggestion of a sequel to Barfi, he is open to keeping Barfi's
character alive beyond the precincts of the film.

Says the source, "Anurag is in principle opposed to the idea of sequels. He has firmly cut down the suggestion of a Barfi 2. However he is open to renewing Barfi's life-span in print form and maybe even a television series in animation form. The idea is to take the inspirational aspect of Barfi's character beyond the parent film."

When contacted Anurag admitted of plans to take Barfi further. "We are discussing some possibilities. But it's too early to talk about them. A sequel is defini