I loved Priyanka Chopra in Fashion: Kareena Kapoor

By Hindustan Times

Kareena Kapoor seems to be having serious afterthoughts about a series of blunt comments she passed on rival Priyanka Chopra and her film Fashion.

When asked if her upcoming film Heroine was similar to Fashion, which shares the same director — Madhur Bhadarkar, she had told us, “Heroine is far bigger and better than Fashion.” Bebo, who had earlier also said that she does not care about a National Award — Priyanka got one for Fashion — now tells us that she ‘loved’ watching Priyanka Chopra in the movie.

“A lot is projected wrongly. We are very cordial with each other. I absolutely loved Priyanka in Fashion,” she said on a visit to Delhi on Tuesday.

But this is not a one sided attempt to mend fences. Kareena’s praise comes soon after Priy