Priety Zinta reveals why she hid her face from paparazzi!

By Hindustan Times

Recently, Priety Zinta was caught on camera by the increasingly growing and obsessive papparazzi.

The actress did not show her face to the camera and it was attributed to her look sans makeup.

An otherwise camera-friendly Preity Zinta made sure that photographers didn’t get her at the Mumbai airport on Sunday.

The cameras were stationed outside the airport because the buzz was that Ashton Kutcher would be seen, but the cameramen spotted an unsuspecting Priety Zinta in a loose tee and pyjamas and ran after her.

Priety is supposed to have hid her face with whatever she could, her hands, her face, her staff.

Clearly, her not-so-warm reception has not gone down well the Indian papparazzi.

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