Shashi Tharoor and Mira Nair's pretend-kisses!

By Hindustan Times

It would be an ideal story of kiss and tell, only there is no kiss but a lot of telling. In a recent interview given to the TOI, Mira Nair talks about her life, cinema, marriage, and well, some spicy tit-bits about Shashi Tharoor. Talking to the TOI about her journey from her home of eighteen years, Bhubaneshwar to her college in Shimla to Miranda House in Delhi, where she got acquanited with theatre and a life-long fascination with the performing arts started, she mentions the famous Lok Sabha MP and author, Shashi Tharoor.

It turns out that both of these immensely successful individuals in their respective fields, used to do theater together, once upon a time.

According to Shashi Tharoor, it was year 1974, when his theater act with Mira Nair took place.