Franchises get lazy: Emraan Hashmi

By Hindustan Times

The name Emraan Hashmi was synonymous with the Murder franchise. But he made way for Randeep Hooda in Part 3. It was the directorial debut of Vishesh Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt’s son) and had to go on the floors soon, and he didn’t have dates to spare. That’s just one of the reasons. For Emraan, the Murder story was over anyway.

“There could be a Murder 4, 5…15, but I don’t think I’ll be part of any of these movies. For me, a franchise can at best be stretched to a trilogy. After that, it shows lack of creativity and originality to take it forward and dilute the brand,” he says. That’s why talk of a Raaz 4 doesn’t interest him.

He says, “Once Part 3 ends, it’s better to experiment with a new franchise than get lazy with an old one.”

The only sequel that the actor is interested in right now is Jannat 3. But he’s