Where is our credit: Salim Merchant

By Hindustan Times

Music composer Salim Merchant is furious that the makers of Heroine are not giving him due credit for the hit song, Halkat Jawani. A tweet from the handle @HeroineTheMovie thanked everyone but him for the success of the song, when it was the famous Salim-Sulaiman duo who composed it. The tweet read, “#HalkhatJawani is definitely the song of the year, we are soo proud of #Heroine team. #Kareena @SunidhiChauhan5 @mbhandarkar268.”

An angry Salim replied, “@HeroineTheMovie the state of our film companies - who dont know or choose not to acknowledge the people who have made this F#*”ing song!! (sic).” Later, there was an apology from the Heroine handle, “We are sorry sir, 148 characters are too short to tag every one. We apologise again @salim_merchant @Sulaiman_M. People behind the fab music of #HalkhatJawani @salim_merchant@Sulaiman_M @