When TV channels refuse break, Ekta's soaps take leaps

By Hindustan Times

Film producer and TV czarina Ekta Kapoor says TV channels' refusal to give a few months break to shows forces her to incorporate leaps in her shows. "If channels tell me today that we don't want a leap and we'll give you a three-month break and you start from where you leave the story, I
will not do a leap," the 37-year-old said here Thursday at the press conference of her TV show Parichay.

Ekta insists that in the absence of a break, a leap is the only way out to bring freshness in serials.

"Whenever you make a show, you deal with daily issues on an episodic basis and after some time it stagnates. Abroad, you get a seasonal break so you can come back with freshness. To bring freshness, sometimes you need to show a diff