Hrithik to join Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai!

By Hindustan Times

They say 'Reel life imitates Real life'. But in the case of the superstar Hrithik Roshan, it will be 'Real Life imitating Reel life'. In other words, after having performed the very famous dahi handi sequence in Agneepath, he will be joining the Janmashtami celebrations at Worli's Jamboree
Maidan, organized by the famous politician Sachin Ahir.

Talking about the event, Hrithik said that the joy of participating in a real life dahi handi of such massive scale is unparalleled and unbeatable. He also added that this festival brings the entire community together and that he is eagerly looking forward to see how these agile govindas perform on Janmashtami day. While, Emraan Hashmi said, "I'm really excited to be part of the celebrations at Worli ...I do not find it neces