I have seen much sexier stuff - Arunoday Singh

By Hindustan Times

Jism 2 has released and the audience verdict would be out soon. Though over the last six odd months there have been talks of the film being most explicit and bold as far as Indian mainstream cinema is concerned, the focus has been entirely on Sunny Leone and her escapades. While it is
obvious that one won't see even a fraction of some real bold stuff that Sunny brings in her adult videos, in Bollywood parlance there is still a lot that is presumably up for grabs.

"Well, I can't really pin point on how huge are people's expectations from Jism 2. After all, the film has been made keeping in mind the fact that this is India and eventually we would be catering to Indian audience. Howsoever we may want, at least as of today we can't be as explicit as films made by our Hollywood counterpar