Izna is porn-star but different from me: Sunny Leone


By Hindustan Times

There is an aura about Sunny Leone that is hard to describe in words. Right from the time, she first arrived to take part in Bigg Boss, Sunny has created a nationwide frenzy like no other actress ever has. Needless to say much of this is attributed to the fact that Sunny is among the few people of Indian origin who has made such a big name for herself in the world of adult entertainment.

When Mahesh Bhatt signed her for Jism 2, her popularity in India soared by leaps and bounds. With each promo, the audience wanted to have more of Sunny. She soon became one of the most searched celebs in the online world. Men drool over her while women envy her.

Bollywood Hungama got a chance to meet the gorgeous beauty for a rendezvous at a suburban hotel. Dressed in a blue dress, Sunny looked like a million bucks who could make any man go weak in his knees. Flashing that cute smile of hers, Sunny got chatting on a range of topics right from her big Bollywood debut Jism 2 to her favourite B-Town actors and actresses and also revealed what are the qualities that attract her to a guy. You surely don't wanna miss reading this one.

When you first signed Jism 2, did you ever expect the kind of euphoria your big screen debut would create in India?
No. I had no idea it would be this big. This is very nice surprise for me. I just hope now that everybody likes the movie as much as they have loved the promos and the songs.

Did you get any offers before Jism 2 to act in films?
I did get a few offers around the same time when I was offered Jism 2 by Bhatt saab. But finally I decided to pick this one as my Bollywood debut.

What was it about Jism 2 that made you say 'YES'?
I genuinely liked what Bhatt saab and Pooja had envisioned about this project. It just all fell perfectly in place like a puzzle piece.

Have you seen the John Abraham-Bipasha Basu starrer Jism?
Yes I have. I loved that movie and thought it was really good. I watched it as a part of my research before I started filming for Jism 2.

Coming to Jism 2, you play a porn-star Izna in the film. Is it a case of real imitating reel. How similar is Izna to your real self?
Izna is a fictional character. They have used this aspect of her being a porn-star in the film but Izna is a completely different person than who I am.

Jism 2 is high on erotic content. You have been an adult star, so was it easier for you to perform such scenes with your co-star?
Just like any other Bollywood movie, the romantic scenes in Jism 2 were also all choreographed. So everything had to be done in a certain way, with a certain camera angle etc. It wasn't necessarily uncomfortable but it just took a lot longer to shoot.

You've shot some really intimate scenes with both Randeep and Arunoday. So who would you rate as a better kisser?
(Laughs) I can't tell you that. There is an American saying which goes, "You never kiss and tell."

Your lines have of course been dubbed in the film but how comfortable are you with Hindi as a language in general?
I just did an interview in Hindi and I think it was horrible. But while shooting for Jism 2, I knew my lines in Hindi as I knew the script thoroughly. I've been out of practice speaking Hindi for the last 8 weeks now so I kinda suck right now.

How was it working with Pooja Bhatt?
We had a great time shooting. Pooja is very diligent and she's worked really hard on this movie. She paid attention to every single detail knowing that she wants her actors to look the best in every single frame.

You look in fab shape in the promos of the film. Did you work extra hard to look your best in Jism 2?
It wasn't like I got in shape for this particular character. Since this is my first film, I really wanted to be in the best fitness level that I could possibly be which I think any girl would want to do. Any girl would want to look the best on-screen in her debut film and when you look good and feel good about yourself, it shows in your self-esteem and confidence level as an actor as well.

How was the experience working with your co-stars Randeep and Arunoday?
They're both good fun though Randeep is very serious. He is in character almost all the time which is a rarity. He has worked really hard on this movie playing my ex-lover (laughs). Arunoday is a fun guy and always joking around. The three of us worked and bonded as a team. We used to shoot a serious scene and once it was done, we would end up cracking jokes and having a lot of fun.

Prior to Jism 2, while growing up, have you been watching a lot of Bollywood films?
I've spent half my life in Canada and half my life in LA. I've watched Bollywood films right since my childhood. In fact my whole family used to sit together and watch Bollywood films. Even now I've been watching a lot of Hindi movies

Who are some of your favourite B-Town actors and actresses?
I love Aishwarya Rai, she is gorgeous. I also like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, they are both quite stunning.

And what about the actors, who do you think is the hottest hunk in Bollywood?
Everyone always asks me this question. I think Hrithik Roshan is really cute and so is John Abraham. Salman Khan is always cute (laughs).

What are the qualities that attract you in a guy?
I look at their overall personality and how they treat women. I am an old-school romantic so I like guys who open the doors of the car for their women, take them out for nice romantic dinners, give them flowers and candies etc. Basically I like someone who could keep up with me (laughs)

You are of course a well known name in the adult entertainment industry. When you started out in your line, were there any apprehensions to begin with?
When I started out, I never thought I would reach where I am today. At the time I made a decision to model for Penthouse magazine, I didn't really give it much thought on what the world will think. I just did what I wanted to.

How do you look back at your Bigg Boss experience?
It was a good experience. When you are in the house and don't have access to any part of the world, you think it's the worst thing ever but looking back it all happened for a plan. I met Bhatt saab whilst I was at Bigg Boss and that one meeting has opened a whole new avenue for me, something which I never imagined.

Finally what are your expectations from Jism 2? Do you think India is ready for a bold film like this?
I don't really know what to expect. I just hope that people like the story of the movie and do enjoy watching it. As far as the boldness is concerned, the film has got an A certificate so it's obviously for adults only. But it's not as bold as you think it is.