Pooja might have hired me because I'm a porn star: Sunny Leone


By Hindustan Times

Back in India to promote her debut Hindi film, Sunny Leone says the next 10 days will be tough.

There were reports that you were shy of filming intimate scenes.
I am not shy at all. The love scenes in movies are like a choreographed dance. In Bollywood, the camera movement, actors’ placement, lights etc have to work in tandem. But in my world (adult film industry), you simply press the record button and capture the moments. Here (Jism 2), there was nothing to be uncomfortable about, it was rather about getting used to it. I have my way of doing these scenes and Bollywood has its way.

In Bollywood, kissing and intimate scenes always make headlines. What do you think of this brouhaha?
I have seen actors kissing and wearing close to nothing in intimate scenes here, though I do understand that it’s a big deal in Indian movies. However, I also believe that the youth is ready to watch something more forward than what their parents and grandparents watched. These things happen in bedrooms, but perhaps not much in public.

How good is your Hindi now?
(Laughs) I can memorise Hindi dialogue and recite them well. I understand Hindi, though it isn’t part of my everyday life. I know I might sound silly speaking it, but I’m going to give it my best. And I’ll be speaking a lot of Hindi in the next couple of weeks and the interviews might be pretty brutal, but I’m prepared for them.

Do you think there’s more focus on you being an adult star than your Hindi film debut?
That might be the reason why Pooja (Bhatt, director) hired me. With all that was said when I first arrived here and on Bigg Boss, I think that’s part of the lure of Jism 2. Everyone knows me as being a certain type of person. And though the focus is on who I am and what I do in America, I just hope people will watch the movie (Jism 2) and say ‘wow she did a good job acting’ or ‘she worked hard’, which I did. I spent months learning the script and perfecting my Hindi. This was something brand new to me, a huge learning curve. I discovered a lot about myself and how this industry works.

The film’s promo begins with a line — ‘I am Izna, I am a porn star.’ And recently Pooja said in an interview that after she cast you, she changed the character into a porn star. Is that true?
I have no clue. I don’t know if that was what she was aiming for. You should ask her that question. Nothing in the film is connected to me being an adult actor — at least not to my knowledge. I haven’t said such a line. I usually say adult actress as I never say porn star anyway.