Aamir Khan Jr give his first-ever interview!

By Hindustan Times

Aamir Khan is known for being a perfectionist and usually keeps his work and personal life separate. But he has made an exception this time around. The actor ill soon leave for a three-month long schedule to Chicago, USA, for Yashraj’s Dhoom 3. And he wants his family to accompany him, including his son, Azad Rao Khan. So the tiny tot recently visited the US consulate for his first visa interview.

Aamir and Kiran's son, Azad Rao Khan was born through a surrogate mother.

A source close to the star reveals, “Azad recently had to appear for his first interview with his mom at the US consulate to get his visa. This will be his first trip abroad.” Aamir leaves for the US on August 3 with wife Kiran Rao and son Azad. He will only be back in the first week of November.