Barfi is not a silent film : Anurag

By Hindustan Times

Director Anurag Basu, who is looking forward to the release of his much talked about project Barfi, says that its not a silent movie unlike what its first trailer suggests.

The first trailer of Barfi has relied completely on background score and emotions to convey its message to the audience. "Its not a silent film. The people who can speak in the film do talk. You have to understand that I have great actors who could convey a message without saying a word. What you saw in the trailer is what you can expect," Basu told reporters here, last night at the first look of Barfi.

"Its not that there are no dialogues in the entire film. I did not think that I will make a silent film with no dialogues from beginning to end. Those who can speak have dialogues. I wanted that everyone should understand the story," he said.

"There are fewer dialogues i