Real gangs of Wasseypur brace themselves for fresh war

By Hindustan Times

The two real gangs of Wasseypur — a Muslim-majority locality in Jharkhand’s coal capital Dhanbad — are preparing for war after a long hiatus, coincidentally when a movie revolving around their bloodletting releases on Friday.

Mobile phone intercepts of jailed ganglord Fahim Khan have alerted the police to the possibility of a fresh gang war in the now not so nondescript locality of Dhanbad district, around 190km north of capital Ranchi.

Khan, who is in Hazaribagh jail, is heard talking to contract killer Sujit Sinha, lodged in Ranchi jail, for eliminating rival ganglord Saabir Alam, according to sources in the state police headquarters.

Police did not find mobile phones from the gangsters in subsequent raids.

Khan and Alam, once close